Friday, March 28, 2014

Medical Futility - 350 Slides in 50 Minutes at Yale

I broke me own record of using 200 slides per hour.  Last night, at the Yale School of Medicine, I used 350 slides in my 50-minute presentation.  The slides are here.  

I really like the format for the Biomedical Ethics Program talks.  Instead of leaving just 10-15 minutes of time for interactive discussion with participants (as is often the case for conferences and grand rounds), Yale left 45 minutes.  I hope that time was as rewarding for the participants as it was for me.

I also posted my (merely 150) slides from today's more informal talk at Yale Law School on the "Decline and Fall of Medical Self-Regulation."


Fat Bastardo said...

There is a solution for the corporate medical gangsters. It's called PRISON!

American Health Care Is Deadly

The way to fix health care is to put the criminals who run American health care in jail with other dangerous criminals. Problem solved!

American Health Care Is Theft

The day when the rich are held accountable we will be on our way to better world.

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