Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Death Panels: Can We Handle the Truth?

My latest post at BIOETHICS.NET is available here"Death Panels: Can We Handle the Truth?"


Carol Cross said...

If Death Panels are in reality "Rationing Boards" who will deny or approve expensive extraordinary treatments, will the "rationing" of extraordinary treatment be fair and neutral and based on BIG DATA prepared by academics who are skilled in Prognostics?

OR, will BIG INSURANCE, the senior partners of Medicare/Medicaid continue to target with covert/overt DNR code status the elderly/disabled on Medicare for budget constraints and savings to perpetuate their huge profits?
Why is there no talk about the rationing by means of public policy of the billions of dollars in profits for Big Insurance who sell GAP and Advantage policies to the Medicare recipients who have paid social security and Medicare taxes all of their working lives?

Ronn said...

A very well-written piece. The movie parallel was fitting imo.