Friday, February 8, 2013

Michigan Bill Requires Futility Policy Transparency

In October, I noted that Michigan had introduced a bill that would require hospitals to disclose their medical futility policies.  Yesterday, a similar bill was introduced. S.B. 165 imposes just two requirements:
  1. A health facility or agency shall not establish or maintain a medical futility policy unless that policy is in writing.
  2. A health facility or agency that maintains a medical futility policy that applies to the treatment of a patient or resident from birth to 18 years of age shall, upon request, provide a copy of that medical futility policy to the patient or resident, prospective patient or resident, or parent or legal guardian of the patient or resident or prospective patient or resident.

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand the purpose of S.B. 165? Does this open the door to the unilatereral and oral imposition of DNR Hospital Code Status on elderly Medicare/Medicaid patients?

Or, is the implication under Michigan law that elderly Medicare/Medicaid patients will be informed of the futility policy only when it becomes pertinent or "routinely" when the PSDA required information is presented to the patient at the time the patient is hospitalized.

Can you clarify this for me?