Monday, November 5, 2012

Tracey v. Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Over the next 10 days, London High Court Judge Dame Nicola Davies will hear evidence from witnesses regarding the circumstances surrounding a hospital's resuscitation policy.  David Tracey alleges that two Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders were included in the notes of his late wife, Janet, without her knowledge or consent.  But Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust says that a doctor did seek her informed consent.  (BBC News)

After the factual dispute is resolved, a full judicial hearing is listed for February, which will seek to clarify whether there is a legal duty to inform patients with capacity whether a DNR has been placed on their notes and whether they have any right to be consulted about it.  

Merry Varney, of Leigh day & Co, who represents the Tracey family, said:  "This case underlines the importance of a transparent, accessible and consistent policy regarding a patient's right to know when a decision not to resuscitate them is made and to know how their views are taken into account and, where necessary, how to challenge a decision they disagree with."

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