Friday, November 9, 2012

Elder Law Mediation (Dec. 18 in Minneapolis)

I plan to attend this two-hour CLE in Minneapolis on December 18:  Elder Law Mediation.  Here is the description:
There is growing interest in the field of elder law mediation. When disputes arise involving elders’ living situation, medical care, assistance with activities of daily living, and/or finances, it is often in everyone’s interest to resolve these issues without resort to the courts. On the other hand, for the elders involved, their lives, rights, and well-being are at stake. How can elders’ interests be protected, family and caregiver relationships be preserved, and communications be improved, while conserving elders’ resources? 
Elder law mediation may provide a welcome alternative to elders, families, and care providers struggling with these issues. In this session, we will describe the growing need for elder law mediation, the crucial training, expertise and resources that elder law mediators must have, and important ways to ensure that the well-being of elders involved in elder law mediation is protected.

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